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Bishop James Long

Bishop James Long

Bishop James Long, presiding Bishop of the United States Old Catholic Church. Bishop Long has Roman Catholic seminary formation and valid Apostolic Succession.
  • Our Mission

    Because of our Baptism, the Holy Spirit calls us, the United States Old Catholic Church, to conversion as we come together to be nourished in the Eucharist, proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, and serve the needs of all God's people.

    To be faithful to our baptismal call and our tradition, we accept the challenge to:

    • Build a prayerful, all-inclusive community which welcomes and celebrates diversity;
    • Reach out actively and invite all, without prejudice, to experience the love of Jesus Christ;
    • And to reach out to the ostracized and poor to welcome them with open arms, sharing with each other the gifts God has given to us.
  • We, in the United States Old Catholic Church, are not Roman Catholic. There are many branches of the Catholic Church - and the Roman Catholic Church is one of them. We are of the Old Catholic tradition and hold valid Apostolic Succession. We are therefore validly Catholic.

    • We have valid Apostolic Succession, and valid Sacraments
    • The Roman Catholic Church reaffirms validity the in document "Dominus Iesus"
    • The United States Old Catholic Church celebrates all 7 sacraments

    You do not have to be Catholic to join us or worship with us. If you are Catholic, you are assured you are in a validly Catholic church.

  • The United States Old Catholic Church is a Sacramental, Faith community that welcomes everyone.  We embrace inclusiveness and we practice what Christ commanded us to do for one another and that is to show love and compassion to all. God’s House is available to everyone regardless of their background or where they are in life. 

    • We do not use the pulpit to scare people or control them
    • We do not view the Church as a business
    • We DO embrace the true message of Christ - Love and Compassion
    • We DO believe in the ordination of women
    • We DO accept married or partnered individuals in clergy
    • We DO admit all baptized believers to the sacraments
    • We do not believe homosexuality is a sin


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Upcoming Events

23 MAY

Spiritual Expo Friday - Sunday

25 MAY

Spiritual Expo
9:00am - St. Christopher's to celebrate mass at Spiritual Expo

Contact Us

Contact the USOCC:

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Phone: 502-384-6610

Contact St. Christopher's Parish, Louisville, Ky

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Phone: 502-509-7005

Directions to St. Christopher's

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Our Address is 1838 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, Ky 40205.

We worship in the Calvary Lutheran Church building. 

Parking is available in the rear of the Church.

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St. Christopher's Old Catholic Church, Louisville, Ky

St. Christopher's Old Catholic Church


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